Virtual Instruments for Polka Music!

IMPORTANT: This instrument requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt.
It is not licensed for compatibility with the free Kontakt Player.

M-W Bb Tuba

My dad owned many tubas over the years, including a rotary four-valve Meinl-Weston Bb tuba which he often played on his gigs.
This tuba was sampled with most the notes having anywhere from two to six velocity layers, ranging from m to fff.
Unlike the tubas you'll find in most other libraries, all of the sampled notes for this tuba were recorded sforzando (hard attack with tapered sustain) to make playing Dutchmen-style tuba on a keyboard as natural and effortless as possible.

● Mutiple velocity layers
● Adjustable attack & release envelopes
● Adjustable reverb
● Vibrato with modulation wheel

Technical Data
Size: 31MB
Samples: 164 @ 48kHz, 24-bit
Requirements: The full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or later
Documentation: User Manual (PDF) | License Agreement

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