Virtual Instruments for Polka Music!

IMPORTANT: This instrument requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt.
It is not licensed for compatibility with the free Kontakt Player.

IA Gloriluxe

In the 1990s while snowbirding in Florida, my dad came across an old Italo-American Gloria Deluxe accordion. He always wanted a wetter-tuned accordion that sounded more "Alpine", so he had the Gloria's high reeds custom-tuned to his specifications. The tuning left the bassoon reeds pretty much unusable, which was intentional, so only the high reeds were sampled.
This accordion (the real one, not the virtual one) was featured throughout my 2001 album "Butt 'n' Box by Joe LaBotz" and also on the song Corn Scramble from my 2018 album "Positively Polka".

● Adjustable attack & release envelopes
● Adjustable reverb
● Adjustable volume for key and button noises
● Optional CC1-controlled volume

Technical Data
Size: 98MB
Samples: 127 @ 48kHz, 24-bit
Requirements: The full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or later
Documentation: User Manual (PDF) | License Agreement

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